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short essay on christmas

Simple Essay on Christmas in English


Christmas is one of the major festivals of Christianity. The festival of Christmas is celebrated not only in India but in the whole world. This festival is celebrated every year on 25th December. The Christmas festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This festival is a very happy day for Christians. On this day, the people of Christianity go to the churches and burn the candies and pray. This festival is also known as Bada Din.

A few days before Christmas, the movement in markets and churches enhanced. People start doing the cleaning and decorating their homes. The Christmas festival starts from December 25th until the New Year. The churches are decorated with colorful lights. The life journey of Lord Jesus Christ is presented in the churches. In some places, the procession is also taken out on Christmas day. This procession depicts the idol of Lord Jesus Christ and his birth story.

The poor are helped on Christmas day. New clothes and sweets are distributed to the poor. Prayer is done at 12 o'clock at night in the church on this day. Many people take part in this prayer. After this prayer, people cut cakes and eat sweets in their homes, and congratulate each other. The cake is the main dish of this festival. The Christmas tree is planted in homes on Christmas day and decorated. On this day, children also have different enthusiasm. On this day Santa Close gives gifts and chocolates to the children.


Role:- There are people of many religions in India. By the Constitution of India, people of every religion living in the country have the right to celebrate their religious festivals. Therefore, festivals like Holi, Eid, Dussehra, Vaisakhi, Christmas, etc. are celebrated with great pomp here. Among these festivals, Christmas is the most important festival for Christians, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year on 25 December.

Mythology: - There is definitely some story in the background of almost every festival, the story of celebrating Christmas is associated with the originator Jesus Christ, it is believed that when the tyranny of the cruel rulers on the Jews was at its peak. For the welfare of him and the whole world, Mahaprabhu Isha Christ was incarnated on earth, as his birth on 25th December every year Christians celebrate the great festival of Christmas with great enthusiasm, joy, and devotion. happened for

Events: - On this day Christians decorate their homes a lot, there are grand prayer meetings in churches, people remember the sacrifices and messages of Lord Isa, in an atmosphere of mutual harmony and fraternity, greet and give sweets to each other on this occasion. But the practice of distributing gifts by a person posing as Santa Claus has been going on since ancient times, in preparation for this festival, people also do the work of cleaning their houses, painting, and painting, there is an atmosphere of laughter, especially in every house. The Christmas tree made is the main attraction of this festival.

Significance:- Mahaprabhu Isa has been called the son of God, his birthday every year reminds us of his life character, his sacrifice and sacrifice inspires us to save human interests, and it is very pleasant to remember his messages in the modern environment. The observance of it is very beneficial and welfare for the human society.

Epilogue: - The holy festival of Christmas teaches us to sacrifice everything for the protection of humanity by telling the story of the sacrifices and sacrifices done by this Christ every year in the public interest.

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