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short speech on Independence Day

10 lines speech on Independence Day


  1. Independence Day is a special day for India.
  2. It's on 15th August every year.
  3. We celebrate because India became free from British rule.
  4. Our brave leaders like Gandhi and Nehru helped us become free.
  5. On this day, we fly the tricolor flag with pride.
  6. We sing the national anthem to show our love for India.
  7. There are parades and celebrations all over the country.
  8. It's a time to remember our heroes and their sacrifices.
  9. We feel happy and thankful for our country's freedom.
  10. Let's celebrate Independence Day with joy and respect for India.


  1. Independence Day is like a birthday for our country.
  2. It's a day to remember when India became free.
  3. We celebrate it on 15th August with happiness.
  4. The flag with three colors – orange, white, and green – is our flag.
  5. People wear these colors to show their love for India.
  6. We hear the national anthem that makes us feel proud.
  7. There are parades, dances, and songs on this day.
  8. Our leaders like Gandhiji worked hard for India's freedom.
  9. We should be thankful for the freedom we have today.
  10. Let's celebrate Independence Day by being good citizens and loving our country.


  1. Independence Day is when India got its freedom.
  2. It's a time to celebrate and be happy.
  3. We remember our leaders who helped us be free.
  4. The national flag has beautiful colors - saffron, white, and green.
  5. We wave the flag and feel proud of our country.
  6. Singing the national anthem makes us feel united.
  7. People have parades and decorate their surroundings.
  8. We should be kind and respectful to each other, just like our leaders.
  9. Independence Day is about love and unity for India.
  10. Let's make our country even better by being good citizens.

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short speech on Independence Day
short speech on Independence Day

FAQ related to

Q. What is Independence Day?

Ans: Independence Day marks India's freedom.

Q. When is Independence Day celebrated?

Ans: It's celebrated on 15th August.

Q. Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

Ans: We celebrate to honor our freedom fighters.

Q. What does the national flag represent?

Ans: The flag represents our country's identity.

Q. How do people celebrate Independence Day?

Ans: People have parades, sing, and show unity.

Q. Why is Independence Day important for India?

Ans: It's important as India broke free from British rule.

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