Durga Puja is like the grand carnival of joy, color, and devotion that sweeps through the streets of Bengal and beyond. It's a vibrant Hindu festival celebrating the goddess Durga's triumph over the buffalo demon, Mahishasura. .
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10 lines on Durga Puja

10 lines on Durga Puja in English for class 1,2,3,4

  1. Durga Puja is a big Hindu festival celebrated once a year.
  2. This festival is celebrated with great pomp mainly in West Bengal.
  3. The time of Durga Puja is during Navratri which falls in November.
  4. It is an important festival for children, as various types of pujas and religious activities take place in it.
  5. Special programs are organized in schools and colleges in which students are introduced to cultural arts.
  6. The decorations and colorful effigies of the pandals attract children during Durga Puja.
  7. During this festival, children especially feel a sense of participation in the society.
  8. On the day of Durga Puja, children happily wear new clothes and especially enjoy sweets.
  9. Various competitions are organized in schools in which children can show their art skills.
  10. This festival fills us with a feeling of unity and dedication towards each other, which leads to a stronger texture in our society.

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5 lines or Few lines on Durga Puja in English

  1. Durga Puja is a big and colorful festival among the Hindu festivals.
  2. This festival is celebrated during Navratri and is meant to worship Goddess Durga.
  3. In schools, children are taught about the importance of Durga Puja.
  4. Children happily wear new clothes and are excited to see the decorations of the pandals.
  5. Through this festival, cultural and social values are supported in children.


10 lines on Durga Puja
10 lines on Durga Puja

FAQ - Durga Puja ( English )

Q. What is Durga Puja?

Ans: Durga Puja is the worship of Goddess Durga in Hindu religion.

Q. When is it celebrated?

Ans: It is celebrated during Navratri, which falls in October–November.

Q. Why is Durga Puja important for children?

Ans: It has cultural and religious education for children and they study new subjects.

Q. How are preparations made for this festival in school?

Ans: There are competitions and cultural programs for Durga Puja in the school.

Q. What programs are organized for children on the day of Durga Puja?

Ans: On this day children happily wear new clothes and participate in various programs in school.

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