10 Lines On Egg In English - Short Essay On Egg

The egg is a food item that we use for eating. It is very beneficial for our health. We get eggs from chickens and other birds. Eggs are also produced artificially.
Today, we are sharing 10 Lines on Egg in English. This article is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

Short essay on Egg

10 lines on Egg in English for class 1,2,3,4

  1. Eating eggs is very beneficial for our health.
  2. The shape of the egg is round and its color is white.
  3. Eggs are eaten by boiling them and making omelets.
  4. Boiled eggs are very beneficial for our body.
  5. The egg has two parts, first is the white part and the second is the yellow part in the middle.
  6. There is a white and hard peel around the egg.
  7. Protein and vitamins are found in abundance in eggs.
  8. Egg strengthens our muscles and nails.
  9. The iron present in eggs provides strength to our bodies.
  10. Most people eat eggs as breakfast.

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5 Lines on Egg in English

  1. The egg is considered a good source of protein.
  2. A person going gym consumes eggs every day.
  3. Eating eggs during winter is very beneficial for us.
  4. Before eating eggs, they are boiled or omelets are made from them.
  5. It is more useful to eat boiled eggs than omelets.


Short essay on Egg
Short essay on Egg

FAQ - Egg ( English )

Q. What is the color of the egg?

Ans: Most eggs are white, and some birds' eggs are brown.

Q. What is an egg called in Hindi?

Ans: The egg is called Anda ( अंडा ) in Hindi.

Q. Where do eggs come from?

Ans: Eggs come from chickens and birds.

Q. How are eggs eaten?

Ans: Eggs are eaten by boiling them or making omelets out of them.

Q. Which vitamin is found in eggs?

Ans: Many nutrients are found in eggs, in which protein, iron, and vitamin A are found in abundance.

It is believed that eggs are mostly used during winter because the nature of eggs is warm. Eating eggs during winter keeps our body warm, hence boiled eggs are used more in winter.

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