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Short Essay On Meerut In English

Short Essay On Meerut In English

  1. Meerut is a district of Uttar Pradesh and the largest city of Western Uttar Pradesh.
  2. It is about 70 kilometers away from Delhi.
  3. It was founded by Harshvardhan.
  4. The population here is around 14 lakh.
  5. Hindi and Urdu are spoken here.
  6. The main religion here is Hinduism.
  7. From the point of view of education, it is a developing city, and many major universities are present here.
  8. The main industries here are metals, textiles, and food processing.
  9. Meerut Railway Station is an important railway station that connects it to other major cities.
  10. The education system here is very good.

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5 Lines On Meerut In English

  1. Meerut is a district of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Many major universities are located here.
  3. The climate here is tropical.
  4. The people here believe in hospitality.
  5. Meerut is a developing city which is developing very fast in every field.


Short Essay On Meerut In English
Short Essay On Meerut In English

FAQ - Meerut ( English )

Q. Where is Meerut located?

Ans: Meerut is located in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Q. Who founded Meerut?

Ans: Meerut was founded by Harshvardhan.

Q. Which languages are spoken in Meerut?

Ans: Hindi and Urdu languages are spoken in Meerut.

Q. What is the main religion of Meerut?

Ans: The main religion of Meerut is Hinduism.

Q. What is the population of Meerut?

Ans: The population of Meerut is approximately 14 lakh.

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