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10 Lines on Earth Day in English 2024

  1. Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on April 22nd.
  2. This day began with America.
  3. An American person founded it in the year 1970.
  4. That name was Senator Gaylord Nelson?
  5. This day is celebrated in more than 192 countries of the world.
  6. It is our duty to protect our environment.
  7. On Earth day, children plant trees in school.
  8. This day clears the wastes stored around your house.
  9. Not only earth day, but we should always keep cleanliness in our house and around.
  10. With this our environment is safe.

10 Lines Paragraph on Earth Day for students

  1. The planet on which we live is called Earth.
  2. Earth is the only planet in the entire universe that has a favorable environment for human life.
  3. Life on earth is a very complex situation, which took millions of years to form, then we got the earth like today.
  4. Earth's being at a certain distance from the Sun, having an atmosphere on Earth, changing seasons on Earth, availability of water on Earth, etc. makes Earth a habitable planet.
  5. Due to the increasing environmental hazards on the earth, there is a lot of damage to the earth's atmosphere.
  6. In view of the importance of conservation of the earth, World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April all over the world.
  7. On this day the importance of the earth is told in all schools and offices.
  8. And people are made aware of the conservation of the earth.
  9. The level of pollution on the earth has increased very much, due to which our atmosphere is affected.
  10. If we are not able to stop the increasing pollution on our earth in time, then the day is not far when it will become very difficult to live life on earth.

Few lines about Earth Day in English

  1. Our home in the universe is the earth, where we humans have been living for years.
  2. All the things we need to live on earth are available.
  3. The essential things for our life are air, water, food, and energy.
  4. We get these four things very easily on earth, but these things are not found anywhere else in the whole universe.
  5. Knowing that it is so important to us, we ignore these things.
  6. By increasing the pollution on the earth, we are spoiling our environment.
  7. The ozone layer present in our atmosphere is affected by the increase in pollution.
  8. If there was no ozone layer in our atmosphere, then harmful ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun would have come directly on the earth and human life on earth would have been ruined.
  9. We have to make our earth pollution-free.
  10. Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April to bring awareness towards the conservation of the earth.

5 Lines On Earth Day In English for kids

  1. Earth Day is a special day celebrated every year on April 22 to honor our planet.
  2. It is a day to appreciate the beauty and value of the Earth and its environment.
  3. On Earth Day, we learn about the importance of protecting our environment and conserving natural resources.
  4. Many people plant trees, clean up parks, or participate in environmental education activities on Earth Day.
  5. Earth Day reminds us that every action counts in making our planet a better place to live.

FAQ - Earth Day ( English )

Q. What is Earth Day?

Ans: Earth Day is a special day dedicated to appreciating and protecting our planet Earth.

Q. When is Earth Day celebrated?

Ans: Every year, we observe Earth Day on the 22nd of April.

Q. Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

Ans: We celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources.

Q. What activities can we do on Earth Day?

Ans: On Earth Day, we can participate in activities like planting trees, cleaning up litter, recycling, and learning more about environmental issues.

Q. How does celebrating Earth Day help our planet?

Ans: Celebrating Earth Day helps our planet by spreading awareness about environmental issues and encouraging actions that contribute to a sustainable future.

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