10 lines on Republic Day in English - Short essay on Republic Day - Few lines about 26th January

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Republic Day

10 Lines On Republic Day In English

  1. Republic Day is the national festival of India.
  2. It is celebrated with great fanfare on 26th January.3. Our constitution came into force on January 26, 1950.
  3. This constitution was written by Dr. BR Ambedkar.
  4. It took two years 11 months and 18 days to write the constitution.
  5. This day is also flagged like August 15.
  6. The parade is held at India Gate on this day.
  7. India Gate is located in Delhi.
  8. People watching the parade come here from far away.
  9. Apart from the parade many more programs are done.
  10. Their own culture is exhibited by different states of the country.

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5 Lines On Republic Day In English for kids

  1. Republic Day is celebrated in India on the 26th of January every year.
  2. This signifies the day in 1950 when the Constitution of India was implemented.
  3. On this day, a grand parade is held in New Delhi, the capital of India.
  4. The parade showcases India’s military strength and cultural diversity.
  5. It is a national holiday, and people across the country celebrate it with pride and patriotism.

FAQ - Republic Day ( English )

Q. What is Republic Day?

Ans: Republic Day is a national holiday in India that celebrates the adoption of the Indian Constitution.

Q. Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

Ans: We celebrate Republic Day to honor the day when India became a republic, with its own constitution.

Q. When is Republic Day celebrated?

Ans: Every year, the 26th of January is observed as Republic Day in India.

Q. What happens on Republic Day?

Ans: On Republic Day, a grand parade is held in New Delhi, showcasing India’s military strength and cultural diversity. Various cultural and patriotic programs are also held across the country.

Q. Why is Republic Day important?

Ans: Republic Day is important because it marks the establishment of India as a republic, signifying the country’s commitment to upholding the rights and freedoms of its citizens as outlined in the Constitution.

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