10 lines on my school for class 1,2,3,4,5,6 - Few lines about my school

Today, we are sharing short essay on my school in English. This article can help the students who are looking for information about my school in English. These 10 sentences about my school for class 2 is very simple and easy to understand. The level of this paragraph about my school is medium so any student can write on this topic. This short essay on my school is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

10 lines on my school for class 1,2,3,4,5,6

Short essay on my school in English - Few lines on my school


  1. My school's name is Convent School.
  2. My school has twenty teachers.
  3. Karishma Mam is our class teacher.
  4. Garima Mam is the principal of my school.
  5. My school has fifteen classrooms.
  6. My school is on three floors.
  7. Each floor has five classrooms and one teacher's room.
  8. Drinking water is available on every floor.
  9. There is a big playground in my school.
  10. On this ground, we play cricket, football, tennis, etc.


  1. My school is a welcoming place where learning never stops.
  2. Teachers inspire us to grow and explore every day.
  3. Colorful classrooms make studying fun and exciting.
  4. Friends and laughter fill the hallways during breaks.
  5. The school library holds a treasure trove of knowledge.
  6. Sports fields echo with cheers and team spirit.
  7. Creative arts flourish in our vibrant school community.
  8. Safety and respect are upheld by everyone around.
  9. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to excel.
  10. My school feels like a second home, and I cherish every moment here.


  1. Our school stands tall with a proud history of education.
  2. Dedicated teachers ignite the flame of curiosity in us.
  3. The playground echoes laughter and joyful games.
  4. Classmates from diverse backgrounds become lifelong friends.
  5. The science lab sparks wonder and hands-on learning.
  6. Music and dance performances showcase our talents.
  7. The school garden blooms with colorful flowers and fresh produce.
  8. Respect and kindness form the foundation of our values.
  9. Every day we learn something new, growing as individuals.
  10. My school molds us into responsible citizens for a brighter future.

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10 lines on my school for class 1,2,3,4,5,6
10 lines on my school for class 1,2,3,4,5,6

20 lines on my school for class 1,2,3,4,5,6

  1. My school is a place of learning and growth.
  2. Teachers guide us with knowledge and care.
  3. Friends make each day a delightful adventure.
  4. The school building is a hub of activity and exploration.
  5. Books in the library open doors to countless worlds.
  6. Sports fields echo with cheers and competition.
  7. Art classes nurture creativity and imagination.
  8. Science experiments unravel fascinating mysteries.
  9. The canteen serves tasty treats and delicious meals.
  10. Morning assemblies start the day on a positive note.
  11. Computer labs equip us for the digital age.
  12. The playground offers moments of joy and laughter.
  13. Field trips add excitement to our learning journey.
  14. Music classes resonate with harmonious melodies.
  15. Teachers inspire us to dream big and work hard.
  16. Safety is a priority, and discipline is upheld.
  17. Annual events bring the entire school community together.
  18. Cultural festivals showcase diversity and unity.
  19. Graduation day marks the culmination of our efforts.
  20. My school, a place where memories are made, will always hold a special place in my heart.

15 lines or essay on my school

  1. My school is a vibrant center of knowledge and growth.
  2. Teachers nurture our minds with wisdom and care.
  3. Playgrounds resound with laughter and joy.
  4. Library books open doors to imagination and learning.
  5. Sports fields witness our teamwork and determination.
  6. Art classes let creativity flow onto canvas and paper.
  7. Science labs unveil the wonders of the universe.
  8. Friends make every day an unforgettable experience.
  9. Canteen meals satisfy our hunger and taste buds.
  10. Morning assemblies foster a sense of community.
  11. Field trips enrich our understanding of the world.
  12. Music rooms echo with melodious tunes and harmonies.
  13. Safety is paramount, and discipline shapes our character.
  14. Annual events showcase our talents and skills.
  15. My school, a second home, prepares us for a brighter future.

5 lines or sentences on my school for class 1,2,3,4,5,6

  1. My school is a place of learning and discovery.
  2. Teachers inspire and guide us every day.
  3. Friends make the journey enjoyable and memorable.
  4. The school campus is a hub of activities and fun.
  5. My school holds cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

FAQ related to my school

Q. What is the location of my school?

Ans: The location of my school is [Provide the location].

Q. How many teachers are there?

Ans: There are [number] teachers at my school.

Q. What extracurricular activities are offered?

Ans: We offer various extracurricular activities such as [mention some activities].

Q. Are there any sports facilities?

Ans: Yes, the school has sports facilities, including [mention specific sports facilities].

Q. Is there a school uniform?

Ans: Yes, there is a school uniform that students are required to wear.

Q. How can parents get in touch with the teachers?

Ans: Parents can get in touch with the teachers through [mention the communication channels].

Q. Are there any school clubs or societies?

Ans: Yes, there are several school clubs and societies, like [mention some clubs].

Q. What are the school timings?

Ans: School timings are from [start time] to [end time].

Q. Is transportation provided for students?

Ans: Yes, transportation is provided for students who require it.

Q. Does the school have a library?

Ans: Yes, the school has a well-stocked library with a variety of books.

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