10 lines on My favourite game Chess in English - Few lines about Chess

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Chess par nibandh english mein

10 lines on My favourite game Chess in English

  1. In all indoor games, I love playing chess more.
  2. This game is completely different from other dice games.
  3. Losing or winning in other dice games depends entirely on luck.
  4. But in chess, victory or defeat depends on the intelligence of the person playing.
  5. Brain is used more in playing this game.
  6. Chess is an ancient game, which originated in our country India.
  7. Chess's initial name was Chaturanga, which is mentioned in the book 'Harshacharitra'.
  8. Currently this game is played all over the world, and the competition of this game is held internationally.
  9. Everyone plays this game but Vishwanath Anand is the international player of our country.
  10. In the chess game competition, India has been the world winner several times.

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