10 lines on House Cricket in English - short essay on house cricket

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short essay on house cricket

10 lines on House Cricket in English

  1. Jhingoor is a type of worm which is also known as "house cricket".
  2. House crickets are found almost all over the world.
  3. In countries like China and Japan, this worm is reared and it is also eaten as food.
  4. Farming of this kit is done on a large scale in many countries.
  5. House crickets are usually brown or dark in color and are up to 20 mm in length.
  6. House cricket cannot survive in cold weather.
  7. Special changes are made on the farm to keep them alive during the winter season.
  8. The average life span of a house cricket is three months.
  9. An adult female house cricket can lay up to 100 eggs in a day.
  10. It lays its eggs in the soil by making burrows.

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