10 lines on Silkworm in English - Short essay on silkworm

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short essay on Silkworm

10 lines on Silkworm in English

  1. Silkworm is a special type of worm.
  2. The raw material for the production of silk fabrics is obtained from these silkworms.
  3. The silk kit is white and long in appearance, due to its length, it has 6 legs.
  4. Silk kit is a very useful insect, like a bee, which brings economic benefits to humans.
  5. A special type of plant is required for rearing these insects.
  6. The process of removing silk thread from a silk kit is called the silk industry.
  7. The thread is first made from their fully developed larvae and after that, the clothes are woven from these strings.
  8. The economic importance of these silk kits has not diminished since ancient times.
  9. In ancient times, these silkworms were sold in China for gold.
  10. The first silk industry was started in China itself.

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