10 lines on Anganwadi in English - short essay on anganwadi

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short essay on Anganwadi

10 lines on Anganwadi in English

  1. Anganwadi is a government institution, which was started by the Government of India in the year 1975.
  2. This scheme benefits the children and women of rural areas.
  3. In Anganwadi, the nutrition, and health of children below 6 years of age are taken care of.
  4. Facilities like pre-school are available for children in Anganwadi.
  5. Children's play material, food and drink arrangements, facilities for health-related check-ups, etc. are available at Anganwadi centers.
  6. Women in rural areas leave their children at the Anganwadi center and go to work.
  7. Here these children are taken care of, and while returning from work, women bring their children back home.
  8. Vaccination of newborn children is also done at Anganwadi center.
  9. Pregnant women are given proper health consultation and free treatment here.
  10. Many other schemes are operated from Anganwadi Center, Sahiya Didi, Mamta Vehicle, Jal Sahiya, Asha Didi, BLO, etc.

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