Moral story on Thirsty Crow in English - Short story on Thirsty Crow

Today, we are sharing a simple moral story on Thirsty Crow. This article can help the students who are looking for moral story about Thirsty Crow in English. This story is very simple and easy to understand its word. The level of this story is medium so any students can read and understand the moral of this story. This article is generally useful for class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, and class 10.

short story on Thirsty Crow

Moral story on Thirsty Crow in English

One day in the summer season a crow was very thirsty. He was wandering here and there in search of water but he could not find a single drop of water anywhere. Water was not visible anywhere in the distance. He got more tired in search of water and his thirst increased even more. Tired of flying, he sat on the branch of a big tree and started looking for water from there. Then he saw a pitcher of water in a distant garden, he immediately flew away and sat near the pot.

He sat looking away from the pitcher for some time, he was wondering if this was a hunter's trap. After some time, when the crow felt that there was no danger with the pot, then he went to the pitcher, and he saw that there is very little water in the pot. There was only a little water at the bottom of the pitcher, but it would have quenched the crow's thirst. But the crow's beak could not reach the bottom of the pitcher.

Seeing less water, the crow sat sadly for a while and started looking here and there. Some small and big pebbles were lying near the same pot. Then the crow came up with an idea and immediately started putting pebbles and stones in the pitcher one by one. The crow filled the pitcher more than half with pebbles, due to which the stones got placed at the bottom and the water came up. Without wasting time, the crow quenched his thirst by drinking water and flew away.

Moral -This story teaches us that we should never lose our patience in the most difficult situation, but in such a difficult situations, we should use our intelligence to solve that problem.

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