10 lines on Importance of family in English - Short essay on Importance of family in English - Few lines on Importance of family

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10 lines on importance of family in english

10 lines on Importance of family in English - Short essay on Importance of family in English - Few lines on Importance of family


  1. All the people living inside a house, like parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc., are called families.
  2. There are two types of families: nuclear families and joint families.
  3. Native family consists of only parents and their children.
  4. Whereas in joint families have more than one generation.
  5. Having a joint family is very important to us.
  6. In countries like India, the practice of a joint family is part of our culture.
  7. Families increase confidence inside us.
  8. Families congratulate us on any success.
  9. And when we fail at something, then it is the family that gives us consolation.
  10. Our good upbringing, education, health, etc families do selflessly for us.


  1. The house in which we are born is called "family."
  2. From birth till we grow up, we are brought up by our family.
  3. The family always stands by us in any kind of trouble.
  4. Outside the family, where we do not trust anyone, we trust our family blindly.
  5. Because the family never wishes bad for us.
  6. In families, also have different roles of a joint family.
  7. A family in which there is more than one generation is called a joint family.
  8. The members of a joint family are recognized by their elders in society.
  9. In today's time, the practice of joint families is decreasing.
  10. Fewer joint families have a negative impact on society.


  1. There are two types of families in our society.
  2. The first nuclear family and the second joint family.
  3. A joint family gives the society a decent and educated citizen.
  4. In a joint family, the upbringing of a child is done by the members of the family from birth till adult age.
  5. All the good and bad activities of the children are supervised by the family.
  6. On the contrary, in the nuclear family, children are not properly taken care of.
  7. Children feel lonely when their parents are busy.
  8. Due to this, they fall into the wrong company.
  9. In a joint family, even though the parents of the children are busy, their children are looked after by other retired members of the family, like grandparents, uncles, and aunts.
  10. A good society is made of good families.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. How many types of families are there?
  2. There are two types of families first joint family and second nuclear family.

  3. What is a joint family called?
  4. Family in which people of more than one generation live together like - parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins ​​and sisters, etc.

  5. What is the importance of family?
  6. Family is very important in anyone's life, it is from the family that our identity is formed in society, and only by living in the family, do good qualities develop in us.

  7. Importance of family in society?
  8. Good and decent people in the society come from a good family only which makes the society crime-free and civilized.

  9. How many members are there in the family?
  10. The number of members in a family depends on the type of family, nuclear family consists of only parents and their children whereas joint families also have grandparents, uncles-aunts, cousins ​​, and sisters.

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