10 lines on Desert in English - Few lines on Desert in English

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10 lines on desert in english

Short essay on Desert in English


  1. A place where there is only sand in the thorny bushes and the whole area is called a desert.
  2. The desert place is hot because there is more soil here and due to the warming of the soil, the atmosphere remains hot, like Rajasthan.
  3. A desert is a place where there is a shortage of water.
  4. The largest desert in the world is the Sahara Desert. Talking about the temperature, it remains between 13 and 20 degrees Celsius or 40 to 50 degrees.
  5. The Thar Desert is the largest in India. Its total area is 238,254 Km². Its 61.11% area comes in Rajasthan of India.
  6. To go to the desert fields, you have to ride a camel, only then you will be able to go here.
  7. The problem of water is the biggest in the desert.
  8. Villages in the desert are small and located far away from each other, so the people here have to wander far and wide in search of water.
  9. There are small sand dunes in the desert.
  10. Wind waves blow in the desert. which are very hot.


  1. The life of the people living in the desert is very difficult and full of struggle, so not everyone can live here.
  2. Moisture is found very less in the soil of the desert because there is negligible rain here.
  3. Antarctica is the coldest desert in the world.
  4. Desert is such land on which it is not possible to do any kind of farming.
  5. In desert areas, the weather is cold during the night and hot during the day.
  6. Some types of fauna and flora are found even in the complex conditions of the desert.
  7. Large vegetation is not found in the desert. Only small vegetation, grasses, cactus, and shrubs are found which do not require much water.
  8. In the cold desert, creatures like polar bears, penguins are found.
  9. Cabbage is the fifth largest desert in the world.
  10. Life in the desert is quite difficult.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What is a desert called?
  2. A desert is a place where only sand is sand.

  3. Why does it not rain in the desert?
  4. Due to the lack of rain in the desert, the land there is flat and dry, due to being dry, the process of cloud formation is not completed here.

  5. What type of plants or vegetation are there in the desert?
  6. Only those plants that grow in the desert need very little water.

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