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10 lines on onion in english

Short essay on Onion in English


  1. Onion is a simple vegetable that comes under the category of vegetables.
  2. Onion is used in almost all households.
  3. Onions are found almost all over the world.
  4. If any vegetable is being prepared in the kitchen, it is necessary to have onion in it.
  5. Onions are found in almost all seasons.
  6. Onions are grown in the fields by the farmers.
  7. Onions also grow in the ground like potatoes.
  8. In the fields, onion plants grow above and onions grow inside the ground.
  9. After the onion is grown, it is dug out from the ground.
  10. Onions are extracted from the fields along with their plants.


  1. Onion is a common vegetable.
  2. The shape of the onion is round.
  3. The color of the onion is red and white.
  4. Onion is made of many layers.
  5. Tears come to our eyes when we cut onions.
  6. A gas is released from it while cutting the onion.
  7. This gas reacts with the routine present in our eyes to form acid.
  8. Due to this acid, there is irritation in our eyes and tears start coming out.
  9. Onion is a very popular vegetable in our country India.
  10. There are many Indian families who consider eating onion and garlic inauspicious.


  1. Onion is a simple vegetable found almost all over the world.
  2. Cultivation of Onion is done extensively in our country India.
  3. Our country India exports onions to other countries.
  4. The shape of the onion is round and flat.
  5. Onion is used by people to make vegetables and make salads.
  6. Eating onions are beneficial for our health.
  7. Sulfur, fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin C are found in abundance in it.
  8. Onion has many health benefits.
  9. Keeping onions in the house kills bacteria.
  10. In ancient times people used to eat onions with roti.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What is onion?
  2. Onion is a simple vegetable found almost all over the world.

  3. What are the benefits of eating onions?
  4. We get many health benefits from eating onions, such as it prevents diabetes and increasing the body's immunity.

  5. What vitamins are found in onions?
  6. Sulfur, fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin C are found in abundance in it.

  7. Why do we get tears when we cut onions?
  8. Because while cutting an onion, a special type of gas is released from it, which reacts with the Navami of our eyes and forms acid, due to that acid, our eyes get irritated and tears start coming out of our eyes.

  9. What is onion called in English?
  10. Onion is called onion in English.

  11. Where is onion grown the most?
  12. Maharashtra has maximum onion cultivation.

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