10 lines on Flood in English - Few lines on Flood in English

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10 lines on flood in english

Short essay on Flood in English


  1. A flood is a natural disaster.
  2. We suffer many types of losses due to floods.
  3. Floods come due to various reasons like excessive rainfall, cloudburst, cyclone, etc.
  4. The relief and rescue work in the flood-affected areas is done by the team NDRF.
  5. In some states of India like Bihar 27% and Uttar Pradesh, 33% are affected by floods every year.
  6. According to statistics, India loses 17 billion dollars every year due to floods.
  7. The life of the people in flood-affected areas is very difficult.
  8. There are three types of floods, slowly established floods, fast established floods, and sudden floods.
  9. The Government of India has to make a good drainage system to avoid floods.
  10. The prices of essential daily routine items rise due to floods.


  1. Flood is the condition when the water in the river reservoirs gets filled up and breaks its boundary and enters the populated areas.
  2. This water carries with it every life and property that comes in the way.
  3. Floods cause heavy devastation, caused by excessive rainfall, or cloudbursts.
  4. To prevent floods, we should build dams, plant trees, and build buildings.
  5. Many lakhs of people's homes are destroyed due to floods.
  6. Farmers suffer the most due to floods, their entire crops are ruined.
  7. The flood not only carries away the things with it but also spreads many types of diseases with it.
  8. Before the flood comes, there is a warning from the administration, so we should be serious about such a warning.
  9. In the event of a flood, we should keep in touch with the Internet or other types of information transmission.
  10. By staying in touch, we can get information about the relief process from the government.


  1. A flood is a natural disaster caused by excessive rainfall.
  2. When there is more rainfall, the water level of the river pond continues to rise, and the water breaks its boundary and spreads to the city or village.
  3. In India, the following types of rivers cause floods- Ganga, Yamuna, Ravi, Gandak, Ghaggar, Kosi, Teesta, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, Damodar, Sabarmati, Godavari, etc.
  4. Many types of serious diseases also spread through floods like dengue, malaria, etc.
  5. If there is an animal in your house during the flood, then you leave it open so that it can swim in the water and reach another place.
  6. If the current of the water is too fast, then you can grab some wood and swim with the water so that you can reach a safe place.
  7. You should plant more trees to prevent floods.
  8. More floods lead to disasters like tsunamis.
  9. Humans and animals also die due to floods.
  10. Floods occur due to deforestation.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What is a flood?
  2. A flood is a natural disaster caused by excessive rainfall.

  3. When does the flood come?
  4. When there is more rainfall, the water level of the river pond continues to rise, and the water breaks its boundary and spreads to the city or village.

  5. What is a flood called in Hindi?
  6. A flood is called Badh ( बाढ़ ) in Hindi.

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