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essay on air pollution in english

Air Pollution par nibandh English mein

Role: If the air around us is polluted then we will have difficulty in breathing, apart from this we may have many serious diseases. The most vivid example of this is that due to high air pollution in Delhi, several thousand people lose their lives every year. Apart from this, many types of programs and schemes were also operated by the government to save Delhi from air pollution. So that the increasing pollution in Delhi can be stopped. In such a situation, it is the duty of all of us that save our air from getting polluted, only then our life will be saved.

What is air pollution: Air pollution means that when the pollutant elements come and mix in the air and the air becomes polluted, then we call it air pollution. If our air gets polluted then the life of humans and all the animals on this earth will be in danger. And if it is not stopped at the right time, then life will cease to exist on the whole earth.

Types of Air Pollution: There are mainly two types of air pollution, first air pollution caused by primary pollutants and second air pollution caused by secondary pollutants, the details of which are as follows.

Pollution from Primary Pollutants:The main source of pollution from primary pollutants is the ash generated after a volcanic eruption, the carbon dioxide gas released by vehicles, etc.

Pollution caused by secondary pollutants: The biggest example of this is that secondary pollutants do not arise directly, but are built up in the air. Ground-level ozone creates dust and fog. It is formed only when polluting substances in the air react with each other.

Causes of air pollution: Human activities are behind the increase in air pollution in the world today. As the world is rapidly moving towards modernization, the air is getting polluted. Because the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. And the carbon dioxide gas released by vehicles is increasing the amount of carbon dioxide going into the air. Due to this our air is getting polluted. Apart from this, toxic gases emitted from factories are the main cause of air pollution.

Measures to prevent air pollution:

  1. The use of vehicles running on petrol and diesel will have to be reduced, instead, use electric vehicles.
  2. To stop the toxic gas coming out of factories tomorrow, the government should conduct special programs and schemes.
  3. More and more trees should be planted so that the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere increases.
  4. Instead of petrol and diesel, we should use solar energy so that our air can be saved from getting polluted.
  5. Citizens should be made aware of the harm caused by air pollution and awareness campaigns should also be conducted in society.
  6. Tomorrow, factories should be set away from residential areas so that the poisonous gases coming out from there do not harm the people living nearby.
  7. Such technology should be used so that the least harmful gas can be emitted

Epilogue: Air pollution is a very serious problem, so it is the duty of every citizen to save the air from getting polluted. So that our existence of life on earth is saved. The largest countries of the world should keep their stake in the campaign against air pollution firmly and plans should be made for how to reduce air pollution. Unless we all make collective efforts, it is not possible to stop air pollution, let us take a pledge to remove air pollution together, let's all plant a lot together.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is air pollution called?
  2. When harmful gases are mixed in the air and the air is no longer breathable, then that condition is called air pollution.

  3. What are the disadvantages of air pollution?
  4. Air pollution is harmful to any living being. Because air is used as a breath by all the living beings on earth. In such a situation, if the air is polluted then there will be difficulty in breathing.

  5. What are the serious diseases caused by air pollution?
  6. Air pollution causes serious respiratory diseases.

  7. What is air pollution called in Hindi?
  8. Air pollution is called Vayu Pradushan ( वायु प्रदुषण ) in Hindi.

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