10 lines on Meenakshi Temple in English - Few lines on Meenakshi Temple

Today, we are sharing short essay on Meenakshi Temple in English. This article can help the students who are looking for information about Meenakshi Temple in English. These 10 sentences about Meenakshi Temple for class 2 is very simple and easy to understand. The level of this paragraph about Meenakshi Temple is medium so any student can write on this topic. This short essay on Meenakshi Temple is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

10 lines on meenakshi temple in english

Short essay on Meenakshi Temple in English

  1. Meenakshi Temple is a Hindu temple.
  2. This temple is located in Tamil Nadu state of India.
  3. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  4. Devotees from every corner of the country come here in lakhs every day.
  5. The architecture of this temple means the architecture is surprising.
  6. There are 12 grand Gopurams in this temple which are made of stone.
  7. This gopuram made of stone has been skillfully painted and painted.
  8. Meenakshi temple is built on about 45 acres of land.
  9. The idol of Nataraja's Posture of Lord Shiva is Established in this temple.
  10. The most important festival associated with Meenakshi temple is Meenakshi Tirukalyanam which is held every year in April.

10 lines on meenakshi temple in english

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. मीनाक्षी मंदिर कहां स्थित है?
  2. मीनाक्षी मंदिर भारत की तमिलनाडु में स्थित है जो दक्षिण भारत में पड़ता है।

  3. मीनाक्षी मंदिर में कितने गोपुरम है?
  4. मीनाक्षी मंदिर में कुल 8 गोपुरम है।

  5. मीनाक्षी मंदिर में उपस्थित गोपुरम क्या है?
  6. मीनाक्षी मंदिर में उपस्थित गोपुरम एक प्रकार की पत्थर की बनी स्ट्रक्चर है जिस पर जटिल चित्रकारी और कलाकृतियां बनी हुई है।

  7. मीनाक्षी तीरूकल्याणम कब मनाया जाता है?
  8. मीनाक्षी तेरी कल्याणम प्रत्येक वर्ष चैत्र माह ( अप्रैल ) में मनाया जाता है।

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