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essay on facebook should be banned in english

facebook should be banned par nibandh English mein

Role:- Facebook is the social media platform in the world today through which we can interact with our friends as well as share our views on social problems with people. We can also share any of our digital articles, photos, or videos.

But there are some conditions for using Facebook which is not suitable for the common man. Facebook does not keep safe our personal information confidential but sells our personal information to a third party. Due to this, the confidential information of people like name, age, gender, mobile number, interest, address, etc. is getting into the hands of other people.

Which is being used illegally. This information is sold to other companies. In such a situation, it is illegal to sell confidential things to any person. On this, those companies argue that if a person shares anything on Facebook, then it is not confidential, so we can sell it. That's why Facebook should be banned so that the company cannot sell any confidential information.

Relationships get spoiled because of Facebook:- In today's time, every person shares some important or other information by mistake on Facebook. Many times such information is shared which is misused by another person. Because of this, his relationship with his family gets spoiled. And sometimes the relationship gets so bad that people get separated from each other.

That's why relationships get spoiled a lot because of Facebook. That's why the government should ban Facebook and the country should have its own social media platform where the personal information of the people can be protected.

There is a negative impact on society:- You must have seen that many people share videos related to religion on Facebook, due to which religious frenzy spreads in the country and society, and many times this frenzy turns into riots. Due to this, many innocent people have to suffer.

That's why we should ban Facebook so that no one can share religion-related videos here. So that the environment of the society and the country remains healthy. Apart from this, some people share such pornographic videos on Facebook which have a negative effect on the small child. That's why it is necessary to ban Facebook. Only then can we control its negative impact on our society.

Facebook is accused of encouraging fake news:- Many times it has been seen that fake news is more viral on Facebook. And such fake news is organized, and its purpose is to spread unrest in the country and society. Such fake news is mostly patronized by political parties. Political parties spread fake news against their opposing party or fake news against any particular religion is also spread through Facebook.

There is no such filter system in Facebook's system due to which fake news or any inflammatory speech etc. spreads rapidly. That's why it is very necessary to ban Facebook or the public should appeal to the government to direct Facebook.

conclusion:- The use of Facebook is at the discretion of the people. If it is used properly, it will have a positive effect on people and society. On the contrary, if it is misused, it will have negative effects on the country and society. But to assume that everyone will use it properly, then it will be our biggest mistake. Because there are some anti-social elements everywhere, so Facebook itself has to bring a filter-like feature into its system so that fake news and other harmful content can be separated.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is Facebook?
  2. Facebook is a social media platform that is used through digital means such as mobiles and computers.

  3. Who is the founder of Facebook?
  4. The founder or owner of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg.

  5. Is the owner of Facebook and WhatsApp the same?
  6. Yes, the owner of Facebook and WhatsApp is the same his name is Mark Zuckerberg he is an American.

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