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essay on solar energy in english

Solar Energy par nibandh English mein


As you know, there is going to be a lot of shortage of coal in the coming time. In such a situation, the problem of a power crisis may arise. Therefore, the government should look for alternatives to other types of energy. So that if there is a power crisis, then the power crisis can be removed by using that energy.

As we know that there is more problem with electricity in rural areas of a country like India. Due to this many people in rural areas use solar energy in their homes. Because its biggest feature is that the cost of it is very less and we do not need to pay a single penny from our pocket to recharge it. Because solar energy is recharged through the sun.

What is solar energy:

Solar energy means such energy which is received by the sun, we call it solar energy. This type of energy will never be exhausted because its source is the Sun. And as long as there is the sun in this universe, such energy will always be present and the biggest thing is that the cost of this energy is very less and it is easy to use.

Solar energy is also called green energy:

Solar energy is called green energy because its use does not harm our environment in any way. If we talk about the source of other energy, then its use has to face pollution in the environment.

India's achievements in the field of solar energy:

  1. India receives high amounts of solar energy 300 days a year through solar power plants located in the tropical belt.
  2. To promote solar energy in India, the government is running a variety of schemes.
  3. The country's solar power installed capacity was 44.3 GW as on 31 August 2022.
  4. 42 Solar Power Parks have been established in India to produce solar power.
  5. India has the fifth largest solar power plant in the world.
  6. Unlimited employment opportunities will be available through solar energy.
  7. India is expected to account for 8% of the global solar capacity by 2035. With a future potential of 363 gigawatts (GW), India could be a global leader in capitalizing on the benefits of the energy sector.

According to a report prepared by The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), India's reservoirs with a cumulative surface area of ​​18000 sq km have the potential to generate 280 GW of solar power through floating solar PV. The National Institute of Solar Energy estimates that the solar power potential in India will be around 750 GW, with Rajasthan, Jammu, and Kashmir, Maharashtra being the top states with the highest solar potential.

Benefits of Solar Energy:

Solar energy has the following benefits.
  1. Most importantly, solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. Which can be used in any corner of the world.
  2. No pollution problem is generated by solar energy.
  3. Solar-powered equipment has a longer life and requires less maintenance.
  4. It is low maintenance as there are no moving parts and no wear and tear. So even though the initial cost is high, its maintenance cost is also very less.
  5. At present the most important aspect is that solar plants can be installed on barren arable land as we know that solar energy is also being used in the field of agriculture.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is solar energy called?
  2. Solar energy means that such energy is received by the sun, we call it solar energy.

  3. What are the benefits of solar energy?
  4. Solar energy has many benefits, it can be used for a long time and it will never run out. By using it, there will be no problem of pollution in our environment.

  5. What is solar energy called in Hindi?
  6. Solar energy is called Saur Urja ( सौर उर्जा ) in Hindi.

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