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essay on unemployment in english

Unemployment par nibandh English mein


Unemployment is a very serious problem. If there is a problem of unemployment in any country, then that country will not be able to develop rapidly. In such a situation, different types of other problems will arise there, if people do not have work, then people will do different types of wrong activities which will prove to be dangerous for the country.

Especially youth get involved in many wrongdoings due to unemployment. The country has to bear the brunt of this. Due to unemployment, serious crimes like theft, dacoity, murder, and kidnapping have increased in the country. The only way to reduce these crimes is to give employment to the youth.

Causes of unemployment in India: -

Population:- The rapidly increasing population in India plays an important role in giving rise to unemployment in the country. Because when the population increases in a country, then the number of people working there will increase and if this happens then the competition among the people will increase and there will be no guarantee that everyone will get the job.

Youth are the future of the country and if they do not have employment then they will indulge in other illegal and illegal activities. Which can hinder the development of the country. In such a situation, India will have to control its population rate and promote the Startup India scheme, only then the problem of unemployment in the country can be ended.

Lack of technical education: -

Most of the colleges and universities in India still offer traditional courses which are very old. Through these courses, students cannot get jobs in today's date. Because today's world is a technical world and if the technical world is to get employment then it is necessary to have technical education.

So technical education has to be encouraged in India and all the students have to be given technical education from the early days so that they can get jobs easily after growing up.

Slow Economic Growth:-

The way the country is developing slowly, the problem of unemployment in the country can increase even more. Therefore, if the government has to end the problem of unemployment, then it will have to conduct its economic development at a fast pace, only then new employment opportunities will be available in the country.

Seasonal business of India:-

Much of India's business is seasonally dependent, such as farming, which generates employment opportunities only once a year.

The decline in the industrial sector: –

The growth of the industrial sector in the country is very slow. Thus employment opportunities in this sector are limited.

The decline in the cottage industry:-

The production in the cottage industry has fallen drastically and due to this many artisans have become unemployed. In such a situation, when the number of industries is less, then the problem of unemployment in the country will arise even more. Therefore, the government has to encourage the cottage industry so that more and more employment opportunities and potential can be generated.

Increasing unemployment gives birth to poverty: -

If people do not have employment, then they will start committing crimes to fulfill their needs.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is unemployment?
  2. Unemployment is the condition when a person is unable to find a job to earn a living.

  3. What is the unemployment rate in India?
  4. India's unemployment rate is 5.98% as of the year 2022.

  5. What is its rank of India in the world in terms of unemployment?
  6. India ranks 86th in the world in terms of unemployment.

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