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essay on unity in diversity in english

Unity in Diversity par nibandh English mein


"Unity in Diversity" means "Unity in Diversity" This concept has been proven true by India. India is a country in the world where people of all religions live. And everyone's language and method of worship are also quite different. But still, the people of India love each other very much.

That is why we can see a glimpse of unity in the diversity of India. People of many religions have been living in India since ancient times. And the spirit of brotherhood and love that they have till today is the same as it was in ancient times. That is why India is such a country in the world where people of many religions and speaking many languages ​​live and all proudly call themselves Indians.

Importance of Unity in Diversity:

  1. Unity in diversity strengthens the country socially and economically.

  2. Unity in diversity helps in promoting goodwill, relationships, and social work among people.

  3. Builds effective communication in bad situations and keeps us all away from social troubles.

  4. Unity in diversity strengthens the democratic system of the country and the confidence of the people in the government also increases.

  5. Unity in diversity leads to maximum movement of people to tourist places in India. Because people come to India from abroad to see different religions and different cultures.

  6. Despite the disparity in religions, people respect each other's religions. and participate in their festivals with gaiety. It strengthens the unity of our country even more.

  7. It helps to prosper in the field of agriculture through various crops, which increases the economy.

  8. The country has the resources of skilled and advanced professionals in various fields.

Why is there a lack of unity in our country today:

In today's situation, there is a lack of unity in India, and the main reason for this is that people have become blind to selfishness. They are seeing only their own interest, they are not seeing the heat of the country. Due to this, the unity of India is decreasing.

The biggest example of this is that today we get to hear some religious hysteria somewhere in the country. The reason behind this is that the feeling of unity among the people is decreasing as before. If this continues, the spirit of unity in diversity that was there in our country, which had its nature, will be completely ruined.

That's why we all need to be aware and use our discretion, not our own selfishness, but in what is in the interest of the country, we have to contribute to that. We have to understand the political stakes closely. We should cast our vote to select the right eligible candidate. Such a leader should be elected who can revive the unity in the country. Only then can the feeling of diversity in unity in our country become even stronger.

The area of ​​our country is very large, in which people of many religious caste sects live. The language, food habits, living habits, behavior, etc. of all people are especially seen in different habits. Even though the composition of the human body is not the same, it is also seen differently.

Despite all these differences, all the citizens remain bound in the thread of unity. In this way, they keep on supporting each other and helping each other.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is Unity in Diversity?
  2. Unity in diversity means unity in diversity, if understand it in easy language, then there are many differences among people like language, religious beliefs, living standards, etc. Despite this, people live together with love.

  3. What is unity in diversity called in English?
  4. Unity in Diversity is called Vividhata mein Ekta ( विविधता में एकता ) in Hindi.

  5. In which country unity in diversity is seen all over the world?
  6. Unity in diversity is seen only in India but all over the world.

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