10 lines on Clock in English - Few lines on Clock

Today, we are sharing short essay on Clock in English. This article can help the students who are looking for information about Clock in English. These 10 sentences about Clock for class 2 is very simple and easy to understand. The level of this paragraph about Clock is medium so any student can write on this topic. This short essay on Clock is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

10 lines on Clock in English

Short essay on Clock in English

  1. Clock is an important item in our life.
  2. Clock is necessary for us to do any work on time.
  3. From the clock itself, we come to know the time, at what time we have to do what work.
  4. Clocks are used all over the world.
  5. People check the time on their watches many times throughout the day.
  6. Some people tie the watch on their wrist and some people keep the Clock in their homes.
  7. Nowadays people get time information from their mobiles only.
  8. In ancient times people used sunlight to know the time.
  9. The clock was invented by a scientist named Peter Heinlein in 1505, he is called the father of the clock.
  10. Clock should be used by all of us because it punctuates us to do any work on time.

10 lines on Clock in English

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What is the clock called?
  2. A clock is an instrument by which we find out the time of the day.

  3. How many hands are there in a clock?
  4. There are only 3 needles in a clock, first is the hour, second is the minute, and third is the seconds.

  5. How many hours can be seen on the clock?
  6. On the clock, we can see the time of 24 hours.

  7. How did people keep track of time in ancient times?
  8. In ancient times, people used the sun to know the time.

  9. When and who invented the clock?
  10. The clock was first invented by Peter Heinlein in the year 1505.

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