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Today in this post we are sharing a simple Essay on Monkey in English. This essay can help the students who are looking for a short Essay on Monkey in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember. The level of this essay is medium so any students can write on this topic.
Essay on Monkey

Monkeys are very intelligent, nimble and naughty animals. They like to jump around. Monkeys have the talent to mimic. Therefore monkeys can be easily trained. The monkey has four legs and a long tail. It uses its front paws like a hand. Monkeys climb trees very easily. They are found in different colors and sizes. Different species of monkeys are found. Like humans, monkeys also have 32 teeth.
The average age of monkeys is 20 to 35 years old. Monkeys are found in forests and mountains. The monkey is a family organism that lives in a herd. There is also ahead of his group. Monkeys are herbivores and their diet includes walnuts, berries, and fruits. His favorite fruits are banana and fig. Monkeys roam from one jungle to another in search of food. Sometimes due to lack of food in the forest, they also come to our city. As we always see on the roofs of our houses and in the railway station.
Monkeys have a special significance in India, they are associated with the faith of the people. People in India also offer "Bandar Bhoj" in which testy fruits are fed to the monkeys. Every year on 14 December, 'Monkey Day' is celebrated all over the world. Monkey Day has not been declared by the United Nations, yet hundreds of countries celebrate this day. The credit for starting this day goes to "Casey Sorrow" and "Eric Millikin".

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