Essay on Corona Virus in English

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Essay on Corona Virus

Corona is a virus that has been declared an epidemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). The corona virus is very subtle that cannot be seen with bare eyes. But its effect is very dangerous. This virus is spreading very fast all over the world. Due to this virus, millions of people have died in the whole world. Corona virus infection can cause problems such as colds and shortness of breath. This virus is brand new, it has never been seen before. Due to its newness, it was named "Novel Corona Virus".

The disease caused by infection with this virus was named "COVID-19". "COVID-19" first causes fever. This is followed by a dry cough and then after a week, there is trouble breathing. The virus began to spread from Wuhan, China. And within 3 months it spread all over the world. Four months after the detection of the virus, no drug has been made to prevent infection of this virus. Due to which it has become very difficult to stop the virus from spreading. This virus spreads from one person to another.

These viruses are spread through droplets that fall from cough and sneeze. Therefore, great care is being taken about this. WHO (World Health Organization) has released some guidelines to prevent this. In which it is said that while keeping a distance from people, use handkerchief or tissue paper on the mouth while coughing or sneezing, wash your hands properly with soap, etc. The infection of this virus has also come to our country India. In order to prevent the spread, many states have to take complete measures like lockdown and curfew. We should follow the guidelines given by our government in such an emergency.

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