10 lines on Computer in English - Short essay on Computer - Few lines about Computer

Today, we are sharing Ten Lines on Computer in English. This article is generally useful for students of class 1, class 2, and class 3.


10 Lines On Computer In English

  1. Computer is an electronic machine.
  2. From computer we can do any work very quickly and easily.
  3. The work of computer is to store and process data.
  4. The computer has different types of data or information.
  5. Such as audio files, video files, text files, etc.
  6. Computers are used in many areas.
  7. Hospitals, Railway stations, Shops, Shopping malls, Companies, Factories the computer is used everywhere.
  8. It is used in hospitals for patients' names, billing etc.
  9. It is used in railway stations for booking tickets.
  10. In today's world we have nothing to do without computers.

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5 Lines On Computer In English for kids

  1. A computer is a machine that uses electricity to handle information.
  2. It can perform calculations and store data.
  3. Computers assist us in many things such as studying, playing games, and talking to others.
  4. They use a special language called programming to function.
  5. We use computers every day and they are very important to us.

FAQ - Computer ( English )

Q. What is a computer?

Ans: A computer is a machine that uses electricity to work with information and do jobs based on given directions or plans

Q. How does a computer work?

Ans: A computer works by taking input from the user, processing it using a central processing unit (CPU), and then producing output.

Q. What are the main parts of a computer?

Ans: The main parts of a computer are the monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU, and storage devices like hard drives.

Q. What is the use of a computer?

Ans: Computers are used for various tasks like learning, gaming, communication, research, and data analysis.

Q. What is computer programming?

Ans: Computer programming is a process of creating instructions for computers to perform specific tasks.

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