10 lines on Peacock in English - Few lines about Peafowl

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10 Lines On Peacock In English

  1. Peacock is a very beautiful bird.
  2. Peacock size is the largest of all birds.
  3. The peacock is the national bird of our country.
  4. The government of India declared it a national bird on January 26, 1963.
  5. The peacock's neck is long and violet in color.
  6. Peacock's body colors are blue and violet.
  7. Its wings are very large, so they do not fly far enough.
  8. Peacock is found throughout the India.
  9. Peacock's voice is very fast, which can be heard even from two kilometers away.
  10. They are very happy in the rain and spread their wings and dancing.

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5 Lines On Peacock In English for kids

  1. The peacock is a big bird with lots of colors.
  2. Peacocks are known for their iridescent tails.
  3. These tails have eye-like spots, which are displayed during courtship.
  4. The peacock is the national bird of India.
  5. Peacocks are omnivorous and eat insects, plants, and small creatures.

FAQ - Peacock ( English )

Q. What is a peacock?

Ans: A peacock is a large and colorful bird that is known for its iridescent tail.

Q. Why are peacocks so colorful?

Ans: Peacocks are so colorful because their feathers have microscopic structures that appear as different colors depending on how they reflect light.

Q. What do peacocks eat?

Ans: Peacocks eat all kinds of food, both plants and animals. They often eat insects, plants, and small creatures.

Q. Where do peacocks live?

Ans: Peacocks are native to South Asia and the Middle East. However, they can be found in many parts of the world as domesticated birds.

Q. Why is the peacock the national bird of India?

Ans: The peacock is India’s national bird because it has a deep connection with Indian religious stories and traditions. The peacock symbolizes grace, pride, and beauty in India.

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