10 lines on FireFighter in English - short essay on firefighter

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short essay on FireFighter

10 lines on FireFighter in English

  1. Firefighters are those who protect us from fire-related accidents.
  2. Firefighter has a special type of machine to put out the fire.
  3. The fire engine is their main machine, due to which it mostly extinguishes the fire.
  4. Before the firefighter is engaged in this work, many types of training are given.
  5. In training, they are taught how to reduce the flames.
  6. In training, they are also taught how to rescue people trapped in the fire.
  7. A firefighter is responsible for evacuating people, belongings, important documents, and cattle safely from a house that is on fire.
  8. Many times firefighters also get injured while doing this work.
  9. The work of a firefighter is very dangerous, no common person can do this work without training.
  10. Firefighters save lives, and we should respect them.

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