10 lines on Balance Diet in English - Few lines on balance diet

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10 lines on balance diet in english

Short essay on Balance Diet in English - Balance Diet par 10 line English mein


  1. Energy in our body is obtained from food.
  2. Different nutrients are required for the correct growth and operation of our body.
  3. Having the right amount of all the necessary nutrients in the food is called a balanced diet.
  4. Nutrients are those elements that are found in food and drink items.
  5. By taking a balanced diet, our body and brain remain healthy.
  6. Minor problems such as hair loss, pimples on the face, the problem of eyes, all these are corrected by taking a balanced diet.
  7. Carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and water are elements of a balanced diet.
  8. Carbohydrates are obtained from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.
  9. Vitamins are obtained from fruits and green vegetables like lemon, spinach, mustard greens, oranges, etc.
  10. We get fiber from maize, pulses, wheat flour, dry fruits, etc.


  1. Healthy eating and drinking are very important for our healthy body.
  2. Balanced diet keeps our health healthy.
  3. Balanced diet is called food in which all the nutrients are present in the right amount for our body.
  4. Means having all kinds of nutrients on a plate is called a balanced diet.
  5. Eating a balanced diet makes us healthy.
  6. Balanced diet keeps us away from problems like obesity.
  7. Our healthy body depends on what we eat.
  8. Due to excessive eating and drinking, the problem of obesity increases in us.
  9. Obesity is a problem that makes our body prone to diseases.
  10. If we want to be free from obesity and make the body healthy, then we should eat a regular balanced diet.


  1. Balanced diet is called food in which nutrients are present for our body in the right amount.
  2. Nutrients help in keeping our bodies healthy.
  3. Balanced diet makes our body strong and strong.
  4. A person who takes a balanced diet in his diet never falls ill.
  5. Persons who do not eat a balanced diet are always sick and unhealthy.
  6. Balanced diet is very important for children and students.
  7. A student who eats a balanced diet has more interest in studies.
  8. Because when our health is right, then all the work will take our mind.
  9. The mind of a sick person is not engaged in any work and there is a high chance of him failing.
  10. On the contrary, the mind of a healthy person is engaged in all the work and the chances of being successful are high.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. Benefits of a balanced diet?
  2. It makes our bodies strong and agile.

  3. Elements of a balanced diet?
  4. The elements of a balanced diet are: - Mineral salts, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, nucleic acids, and vitamins.

  5. Sources of a balanced diet?
  6. The sources of a balanced diet are: - Whole grains, brown rice, lentils, legumes, potatoes, and bananas.

  7. Nutrients of a balanced diet?
  8. The nutrients of a balanced diet are: - Mineral salts, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, nucleic acids, and vitamins.

  9. Components of a balanced diet?
  10. The components of a balanced diet are: - Mineral salts, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, nucleic acids, and vitamins.

  11. Importance of a balanced diet?
  12. Balanced food has special importance in our life. By eating a balanced diet, there is no shortage of energy in our bodies. And we always feel energetic.

  13. What are the functions of a balanced diet?
  14. A balanced diet removes the nutritional deficiency in our bodies and saves us from malnutrition.

  15. What is a balanced diet?
  16. There are many types of balanced food such as - snacks, fruit diet, non-vegetarian, vegetarian, omnivorous, etc.

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