10 lines on Global Warming in English - Short essay on Global warming in English

Today, we are sharing ten lines essay on Global Warming. This article can help the students who are looking for information about Global Warming in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember. The level of this essay is moderate so any students can write on this topic. This article is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

short essay on Global Warming

10 lines on Global Warming in English

  1. Continuous increase in the temperature of the Earth is called global warming.
  2. Increased carbon dioxide in the environment is the main cause of global warming.
  3. Global warming changes the Earth's climate.
  4. Due to which irregularities arise in natural phenomena like rain, storm, cyclone.
  5. It affects the natural balance.
  6. There is a continuous increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to the use of the following things like:- fossil fuels (eg diesel, petrol), use of fertilizers, deforestation, and excessive use of electricity.
  7. The gas used in AC and refrigerators also cause excessive emission of carbon dioxide.
  8. Global warming is a serious problem all over the world.
  9. If there is no measure to preserve it in time, then life on earth will become very complicated in the future.
  10. We can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to a great extent by using green energy.

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