Essay on importance of time in English - Importance of time par essay

Today, we are sharing a simple essay on importance of time. This article can help the students who are looking for information about importance of time in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember. The level of this essay is medium so any students can write on this topic. This article is generally useful for class 4, class 5, class 6, class 7, class 8, class 9, and class 10.

importance of time par essay

Simple Essay on importance of time in English

Introduction:- Time is an important part of our life. It keeps on moving forward without stopping and does not stop for anyone. It is our own responsibility to keep up with the times. If we don't keep up with the times, we will be left behind because time waits for no one. That's why we should make good use of time. The time we have today will not come back after a few days or years. Therefore, the work which we have to do today, that work should be completed today itself.

Time is very valuable for us:- As we have been hearing since childhood that time is very precious. Money and wealth are also less in front of time because we can get wealth by hard work and effort, but after the passage of time, it cannot be obtained again at any cost. Time is like fuel in our life which is limited and we should not waste the fuel at this time.

If once this fuel is exhausted from our life then it will not come again. How precious time is can be gauged from the failure of a student in the class who was left behind by his friends. This student cannot make up for the loss of this time for the rest of his life.

Utilization of time is the key to success:- We should make good use of time and it is very necessary for our successful life. A person who makes good use of time definitely makes his life happy and successful. Whereas a person who wastes time makes his life sad and unsuccessful. All the great men we know all over the world understood the importance of time and made use of it to bring themselves to the stage that their names were recorded on the pages of history.

If we also want to become like them, then from today itself we have to stop the wastage of time. If we are a student then we should use our time in studies and learning new things and if we are a professional, then we should use our time in working and furthering our business.

Conclusion:- We should do everything on time because once the time has passed, it never comes back. There is a very famous line of Kabir Das:- "Kaal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so now. Pal mein parlay hogi, bahuri karega kab". It means whatever work you want to do the next day, do it today, and start doing the work that you want to do today. Most people and students are wasting their time and they do not even realize how fast their time is passing away. When time passes, we realize its importance.

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