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short essay on Lawyer

10 lines on Lawyer in English

  1. Lawyer is the person who appears in the court on our behalf in the case.
  2. A person who speaks on behalf of a person in the court is called a lawyer.
  3. Lawyer is a very respected profession which can be done after years of studies.
  4. We can identify the lawyer by his dress around the court.
  5. He comes to the court wearing a black coat and white shirt, and a tie-like band.
  6. We also know lawyers by many other names, such as advocate, solicitor, advocate, etc.
  7. Lawyers have a very unique style of speaking, they use their knowledge and language to get their clients to win the case.
  8. To get the degree of Lawyer in India, the studies of L.L.B has to pass.
  9. To become an advocate the age of the person should be more than 35 years.
  10. There are two types of lawyers, government lawyers, and private lawyers.

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