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short essay on Cobbler

10 lines on Cobbler in English

  1. Cobbler repairs old broken shoes and slippers.
  2. Whether it is a village or a city, cobbler's shops are everywhere.
  3. Cobblers are very poor.
  4. The cobbler's shop is very small, and he sets up his shop on the sidewalk.
  5. Cobbler repairs people's expensive shoes and slippers for very little money.
  6. A cobbler has a variety of tools for repairing shoes and slippers.
  7. The cobbler puts his tools in a box.
  8. Sandals repaired by cobblers are very sturdy and do not break easily.
  9. Cobbler is a very useful person in our society.
  10. The cobbler maintains his family with money from repairing footwear.

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