10 lines on Scientist in English - Short essay on Scientist

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short essay on scientist

10 lines on Scientist in English

  1. A scientist is a person who discovers new things and makes new inventions.
  2. Many scientists gave many different important inventions to the world.
  3. Just as there are many branches of science, in the same way, there are many types of scientists.
  4. Scientists of chemistry do chemical inventions, such as the invention of any medicine, vaccine, chemical, etc.
  5. Scientists of physics make inventions in the field of space and many other areas.
  6. In the same way, scientists of biology do inventions related to trees, plants, and animals, medicals.
  7. Scientists do their work and tests in the lab.
  8. Scientists spend most of the day in their lab.
  9. The person who is interested in studying all the aspects of science, small and big, can become a scientist.
  10. The names of scientists who made important inventions become immortal, and their names are recorded on the pages of history forever.

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