10 lines on Gardener in English - Short essay on gardener

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short essay on gardener

10 lines on Gardener in English

  1. The person who maintains the gardens, trees, and plants, is called a gardener.
  2. The work of a gardener is very difficult, he gets up very early in the morning and gets busy with his work.
  3. The gardener gives water to the trees and plants at regular times, with regular water irrigation, the trees and plants remain healthy and green.
  4. The gardener's job is to keep the garden beautiful and clean.
  5. Gardeners make the garden more beautiful by planting different types of trees, fragrant flowers, etc. in the garden.
  6. The gardener has a good knowledge of all types of trees and plants and the machines used in the garden.
  7. The gardener has a box in which he keeps the tools used in gardening.
  8. The gardener does his work with great dedication and hard work, for which he also gets a good salary.
  9. The gardener makes a garland of flowers grown in the garden and sells it in the market.
  10. Behind the beauty of any park or garden lies a gardener's hard work.

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