10 lines on Sweeper in English - Short essay on sweeper

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short essay on sweeper

10 lines on Sweeper in English

  1. The person who cleans our filth, the filth of the street, etc. is called a sweeper.
  2. Sweeper is a very useful member of our society.
  3. We make our environment dirty carelessly and the sweeper cleans this mess with great responsibility.
  4. Sweepers clean our mistakes and provide a clean and clear environment for us.
  5. But the sweeper, despite being so useful, lives in great sorrow and poverty.
  6. The reason for their poverty is the evil practice of caste and untouchability in our society.
  7. Sweepers mostly come from the weaker section, they get very few opportunities in the society to remove their poverty.
  8. People of the weaker sections are not able to get even that good education due to poverty, so they have to work as sweepers.
  9. Sweeper's work is also not a bad job, but in our society, it is looked down upon, so the salary of a sweeper is also less than average.
  10. Sweeper maintains himself and his family in his low salary, sweeper works whole life for us, we should respect them.

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