10 lines on Police Station in English - Short essay on Police Station

Today, we are sharing ten lines essay on Police Station. This article can help the students who are looking for information about Police Station in English. This essay is very simple and easy to remember. The level of this essay is moderate so any students can write on this topic. This article is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

short essay on Police Station

10 lines on Police Station in English

  1. Police Station is the place where the police are always present for our help.
  2. Police are there in the police station to deal with thieves, robbers, and corrupt people.
  3. People go to the police station with their complaints.
  4. The police in the police station register our complaint and take action on it.
  5. The presence of police stations and police never disturbs the peace in society.
  6. The police catch an accused and bring him to the police station itself.
  7. In the area where the police force is more, the security is better in that area.
  8. Many people are very afraid of the name of the police station, and they do not complain in the police station even after facing some trouble.
  9. We should not be afraid of police and police station, but police and police stations are there to help us.
  10. If we do not complain about the atrocities being committed towards us in the police station, then the morale of the accused will increase further.

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