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10 lines on air pollution in hindi

Short essay on air pollution in English - air pollution par 10 line English mein


  1. Air is also included in all the important elements for life on earth.
  2. Water, food, air all these are very essential elements for our life.
  3. If we do not get water or food then we cannot survive and within a few days, we will die.
  4. But if we do not get air to breathe then we cannot survive even for a moment.
  5. That's why we need to keep air pollution-free.
  6. But due to the increasing industrial development, the air around us is constantly becoming toxic and polluted.
  7. And when we breathe this poisonous and polluted air, we have to face serious diseases.
  8. Due to polluted air, respiratory diseases occur inside us.
  9. When the air around us becomes polluted, then that condition is called air pollution.
  10. It is necessary for us to have both industrial development and a healthy body, so industrial development should be done without affecting nature.


  1. Any living being, needs oxygen to live.
  2. Oxygen is such a natural element that is freely available in our atmosphere.
  3. We humans can never manufacture oxygen, but we can separate the oxygen which is mixed in the atmosphere and use it.
  4. We humans can do only one thing with oxygen and that is we can pollute our atmosphere.
  5. Whenever we use our car, air conditioner, building construction, or industrial application, then at that time we are polluting our atmosphere.
  6. Our atmosphere is a mix of gases, of which about 78% percent nitrogen gas and oxygen only 21%.
  7. Oxygen is also called life air because without it we cannot survive even for a moment, without oxygen we will suffocate.
  8. We should save our atmosphere from being polluted, excessive use of diesel and petrol-powered vehicles should be ended.
  9. We should use eco-friendly electric cars, these electric cars do not affect our environment, but their use will also encourage the use of green energy.
  10. We should take air pollution very seriously, it is necessary to prevent the factors affecting it.


  1. Air pollution is the condition of air when the quality of air is not breathable.
  2. Poisonous gases dissolved in the air, fumes from motor vehicles, cement particles from the construction site, etc. pollute the air by mixing in the air.
  3. When the polluted air goes into our breath, affects the health of our body.
  4. Air pollution is mostly seen in big cities.
  5. Today's situation is such that the destruction of natural elements is certain in the area where humans develop more.
  6. Because today all the countries are engaged in the race for development, and the laws related to nature, they pay very little attention.
  7. The institution which is responsible for getting these rules to be followed, also does not fulfill its responsibility properly.
  8. Resultant: We have to face difficulties like air pollution, water pollution, etc.
  9. Along with development, we also need to preserve the natural elements.
  10. We should keep our environment clean as much as possible. And the use of smokey vehicles should be reduced, and the use of electric cars instead of diesel is good for the environment.

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