10 lines on Bus for class 1 - Short essay on Bus in English - Few lines on Bus

Today, we are sharing short essay on Bus in English. This article is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

10 lines on bus for class 1

10 lines on Bus in English - Short essay on Bus in English - Few lines on Bus


  1. A bus is a type of vehicle.
  2. Vehicles which are of large size are called buses.
  3. More people can sit on a bus than on other vehicles.
  4. The work of the bus is to take people from one place to another by road.
  5. Buses are mostly used when a lot of people have to travel together.
  6. Buses are also used to transport children to schools.
  7. Buses are very important for us.
  8. There are two types of buses first private and second public.
  9. The person driving the bus is the driver.
  10. And the person who cut the ticket in the public bus is the conductor.


  1. Large vehicles in which a large number of people can sit are called buses.
  2. Buses are also of two types, first public transport and second private transport.
  3. Public buses are open to all the people.
  4. Whereas private buses only authorized people can sit on them.
  5. In a public bus, any person can travel from one place to another by booking a ticket.
  6. Private buses are mostly provided for factory workers or school children.
  7. Buses have more seating capacity.
  8. Bus is more useful for public transport.
  9. A big bus has about 65 to 70 seats.
  10. Many people can travel on a bus at a time.


  1. Large and tall vehicles running on the road are called buses.
  2. The size of the bus is slightly more in length.
  3. The number of seats sitting on the bus is more as compared to other vehicles.
  4. Buses vary in color and capacity.
  5. Buses are used to transport students to schools.
  6. The size of the wheels in the bus is bigger than other vehicles.
  7. Buses have 8 to 12 wheels.
  8. There are glass windows all around the bus.
  9. All buses also have an emergency window.
  10. This emergency window is used in case of any emergency.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What are buses?
  2. Buses are vehicles which are of large size.

  3. How many wheels does the bus have?
  4. Buses have 8 to 12 wheels.

  5. How big is the bus size?
  6. The size of the bus is slightly more in length, a large bus has about 65 to 70 seats.

  7. Where is the bus used?
  8. Buses are more commonly used in schools, factories, and public transport.

  9. What is a bus driver called?
  10. A person driving a bus is called a bus driver.

  11. What is the person who checks the ticket on the bus called?
  12. The person who checks the ticket on the bus is called the conductor.

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