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Today, we are sharing short essay on Dinosaur in English. This article can help the students who are looking for information about Dinosaur in English. These 10 lines about Dinosaur for class 2 is very simple and easy to understand. The level of this paragraph about Dinosaur is medium so any student can write on this topic. This short essay on Dinosaur is generally useful for class 1, class 2, and class 3.

few lines about dinosaur in english

Short essay on Dinosaur in English - Dinosaur par 10 line English mein


  1. Dinosaurs are ancient and extinct animals.
  2. No species of dinosaur is now alive anywhere in the world.
  3. Search and research shows that dinosaurs used to be very huge and dangerous animals in ancient times.
  4. In ancient times, most species of dinosaurs were carnivorous. And some species were herbivores.
  5. In ancient times, there were some species of dinosaurs that could fly in the air and could also swim in the water.
  6. And it is claimed that the most dangerous and most powerful dinosaur in the time of dinosaurs was Tyrannosaurus Rex. which was named T. Rex in short words. He was a carnivorous dinosaur.
  7. It is believed that Brachiosaurus was the largest land-walking dinosaur at the time. It was a vegetarian dinosaur.
  8. And in the time of dinosaurs, the fastest, small, intelligent, and the most agile dinosaur was Velociraptor. They were carnivorous dinosaurs.
  9. The largest underwater dinosaur in the time of the dinosaurs was Mosasaurus, which was also a carnivorous dinosaur.
  10. Since the discovery, most of the remains of dinosaurs have been found in Japan, China, and Australia.


  1. The dinosaur was a lizard species.
  2. which existed on Earth millions of years ago
  3. Today, after millions of years, only his skeleton is present among us in the form of relics.
  4. Now dinosaurs are not alive in this world.
  5. They ended in the devastation caused by a large meteorite falling on Earth.
  6. 6. Dinosaur (Latin: Dinosauria), which means "large lizard" in Greek,
  7. This name was given by us humans when we got their remains and, after doing research, their shape and form came to be known.
  8. What we see on Dinosaur TV today is a fictional form of dinosaurs.
  9. Because no one saw dinosaurs millions of years ago, and no article mentions this creature.
  10. In the time of the dinosaurs, some species of dinosaurs were vegetarians and some were carnivorous.


  1. There was a dinosaur rule on Earth millions of years ago today.
  2. Humans on Earth The first dinosaur was a successful creature who ruled the Earth for millions of years.
  3. Today marks the end of dinosaurs on earth.
  4. This is the law of nature. Many living beings came onto the earth, ruled, and they all came to an end.
  5. Dinosaurs used to be very giant creatures.
  6. Dinosaurs looked a lot like lizards. This is just a concept.
  7. This concept was created when the remains of dinosaurs were found in an excavation in modern times.
  8. When his skeleton was found in the excavation, when 3-D skins, eyes, etc. were applied with the help of a computer, he looked like a big lizard.
  9. The solar accident that caused the end of the dinosaurs
  10. Millions of years ago today, a meteorite with a 10 km radius fell on the earth, killing all the living beings on the earth.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. Where did the dinosaurs go?
  2. All Dinosaurs are no longer alive in this world, their end was due to the fall of a meteorite on the earth millions of years ago.

  3. How did dinosaurs end?
  4. Their end was due to the devastation caused by the collision of a 10 km diameter meteorite on the Earth.

  5. What is a dinosaur egg-like?
  6. The shape of the eggs of dinosaurs used to be like the eggs of today's hen but their size was 20 times bigger than theirs.

  7. What is the scientific name of the dinosaur?
  8. The scientific name of the dinosaur is Dinosauria.

  9. When did dinosaurs come to earth?
  10. There is no concrete information about when dinosaurs came to Earth, but they were present on Earth about 23 million years ago.

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