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essay on khudiram bose in english

Essay on khudiram bose in English - khudiram bose par nibandh English mein

Introduction: Khudiram Bose is known as a revolutionary youth in the freedom struggle of India. At the age of 19, he was hanged to free the country from the British. His role in the independence of India has been incomparable and wonderful. This brave revolutionary youth was driven by a wave of revolutionary in India. After which the revolutionary spirit was awakened in the minds of the youth.

Many poets have also written poems about his valor. Emotional songs were written in the honor of Khudiram, which is prevalent in the folk songs of Bengal. Khudiram Bose is a source of inspiration for us, we all should bow to Khudiram Bose from the heart.

The early life of Khudiram Bose: Khudiram Bose was born on 3 December 1889 in Habibpur village of Midnapore district in Bengal. His father's name was Trailokya Nath Bose and his mother's name was Lakshmipriya Devi. During his childhood, the shadow of his parents was lifted from his head and he was brought up by his elder sister. The feeling of patriotism in his heart was filled with code.

Due to this he left his studies in the ninth grade and started taking a full part in political activities. At a very young age, he had a passion to do something for the country.

Revolutionary Life of Khudiram Bose: The way the movement was being conducted from every corner of the country for the attainment of independence in India. In such a situation, the British made a plan for the partition of Bengal to crush the movement. When Bengal was partitioned in 1905, it was strongly opposed by Khudiram Bose and he started distributing pamphlets under the leadership of Satyendra Bose to take the movement to every corner of Bengal.

They started targeting government officials. Apart from this, bombs were thrown near the police station. In 1906, he was caught by the police while distributing an advertisement named Sonar Bangla but he managed to dodge the police. And managed to escape, after which a case of sedition was registered against him. But he was acquitted due to a lack of evidence. 1907 A bomb was thrown at the Governor of Bengal at Narayangarh railway station but he narrowly escaped.

Plan to kill Kingsford: When Bengal was partitioned, lakhs of people took to the streets. After which the magistrate of that time gave brutal punishment to the Kingsford agitators. After which he was promoted and made the sessions judge of Muzaffarpur. Due to this Khudiram Bose became very angry. Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki then planned to kill Kingsford.

Khudiram Bose and Prafulla went to Muzaffarpur and started monitoring the Kingsford bungalow and office. After this, on 30 April 1960, Prafulla Chaki and Khudiram Bose threw a bomb on a buggy coming in the dark. They thought that there would be Kingsford inside it but inside that buggy were two European women who died on the spot. Amidst the chaos, both of them ran barefoot from there.

Khudiram reached the railway station and asked for water from a tea seller there. But the policemen present there got suspicious of them and after much effort, both of them arrested Khudiram. On May 1, he was brought from the station to Muzaffarpur. On the other hand, his partner Prafulla Chaki was tired of running away. He got on the train with the help of a person named Trigunacharan who worked under British rule.

But a sub-inspector inside the train got suspicious and informed about it at the nearest police station. And when Mokama landed at the ghat, the police were already there. Instead of dying at the hands of the police, he killed himself by shooting himself.

Arrest and Companion of Khudiram Bose: On 1 May 1908 he was arrested by the British Government and after that, he was put on trial. After this, he was hanged on 11 August 1906 at the age of 18. After his martyrdom, people across the country organized processions and agitations in his memory. Schools and colleges were closed that day and the students' mourning day was observed for a long time.

The people of Bengal also started wearing a special type of dhoti, on one side of which the name of Khudiram Bose was written. The martyrdom of Khudiram Bose in the Bengal movement also awakened the spirit of agitation against the government in the minds of the people of Bengal.

Epilogue: The youngest revolutionary leader of the country, Khudiram Bose, was martyred at a very young age. But the phenomenal work done by him and his memories are still alive in our hearts. Today's youth get the biggest lesson from their life that nothing is bigger than the country, so we all have to be honest and dutiful towards the country, only then the honor of our country will remain respected.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. Who was Khudiram Bose?
  2. Khudiram Bose is known as a revolutionary youth in the freedom struggle of India.

  3. When and where was Khudiram Bose born?
  4. Khudiram Bose was born on 3 December 1889 in Habibpur village of Midnapore district in Bengal.

  5. What was the name of Khudiram Bose's father?
  6. Khudiram Bose's father's name was Trailokya Nath Bose.

  7. What was the name of Khudiram Bose's mother?
  8. Khudiram Bose's mother's name was Lakshmipriya Devi.

  9. How did Khudiram Bose die?
  10. He was hanged on 11 August 1906 at the age of 18.

  11. What was the name of Khudiram Bose's friend?
  12. The name of Khudiram Bose's friend was Prafulla Chaki, with whom he had planned to kill Kingsford.

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