Essay on Water Pollution in English - Water Pollution par nibandh English mein

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short essay on Water Pollution

Essay on Water Pollution in English - Water Pollution par nibandh English mein

Role: We all know that water is life. And most of our body is made up of water. Despite this, humans are polluting the water. As a result of which the problem of water pollution has arisen in India today. Because most of the people living in India discharge harmful substances into the water itself. Like excreta, urine, garbage, etc., all put in the water of the river or pond.

Due to this the number of harmful substances inside the water increases and the water becomes polluted. If we keep polluting the water like this, then one day it will come that there will be no drinking water left for us, so we all should keep the water clean and clear.

Meaning of water pollution: When the garbage is from anywhere in the river, pond, and other types of water sources, the garbage gets accumulated inside the water. Due to this the natural nature of water becomes toxic, we call it water pollution. This type of water is neither fit for drinking nor can you use for other types of essential things. If you use this type of water, then it will have a negative effect on your health.

As a result of which you will have to face many types of serious diseases. The most serious problem of water pollution is being seen in developed countries today. According to the World Organization, the pH value of clean water should be between 7.5% to 8%.

Causes of water pollution: Water pollution occurs due to various reasons, as we know that many people go to the water and wash their clothes. Due to this the dirt from clothes gets mixed in the water. Due to this, the water becomes polluted, besides bathing the cow and buffalo and their excreta and urine being included in the water. All these reasons also pollute the water and many people also throw garbage and garbage on the banks of rivers and ponds.

Due to this our water gets polluted. The way the number of factories is increasing in the country, our water is also getting polluted due to them. As we know that in today's date petrol pipelines are transported to other countries only by sea route. And in such a situation, when petrol and diesel leak through these pipes, they get mixed in the water.

Due to this our water gets polluted. In many places, dead bodies of animals and humans are thrown into the water, and due to this the problem of pollution in the water also arises. When religious rituals are organized in India, idols are immersed in water only, due to which our water is also polluted.

Types of Water Pollution: There are the following types of water pollution, the description of which is as follows.

Physical water pollution: Physical water pollution refers to changes in the taste, smell, and thermal properties of water. Chemical Water Pollution: Chemical water pollution means that when the harmful substances released from factories in the water mix with the water, they increase the chemical substances inside the water and we call it chemical water pollution.

Biological Water Pollution: When many types of germs and bacteria enter the water, as a result of which the water becomes so contaminated that if you use it, then you can become a victim of many types of serious diseases. Organic water pollution,

Water pollution is a serious problem: In today, water pollution is a kind of serious problem for us. Apart from this, there will be a decrease in the pure water prevailing on the earth and we will not get potable water. As a result, if there is no water, then no living being will survive on this earth. Therefore, to save the existence of living beings on earth, we should take the problem of water pollution seriously.

Only then will we be able to save our existence. In earlier times people used to drink the water of rivers and ponds, the water used to be very pure and clean, but in this competition of the modern era, humans have polluted the water a lot. You cannot use it for drinking, if you do so then you can fall prey to many serious diseases.

The serious disease caused by water pollution is fatal for every human and animal, especially for small children, so we have to stop the problem of water pollution, only then we will be able to save the existence of water on this earth.

Effects of Water Pollution Due to water pollution, we are facing its fatal consequences. If any human or animal drinks polluted water, then he becomes a victim of serious disease. As the world is running fast towards modernization, the problem of pollution in water is increasing very fast. The next generation may also have to bear the brunt of it. And the death figures of animals living in water are evidence that the problem of pollution in water has increased a lot.

And if this karma continues to grow, then the existence of the creatures living in the water will end. The fish living in the water are dying due to the pollution of the water. Due to this, the number of fish in the water is decreasing and it is directly affecting the fishermen. Those who make their living by trading in fish. India is an agricultural country and most of the population here earns their living from the work of agriculture. In such a situation, pure water is required to do agriculture and if our water is polluted then it will reduce the yield potential of your farm and your farm will be completely ruined.

Major diseases caused by water pollution: Water pollution causes different types of diseases such as typhoid, jaundice, cholera, gastric, skin diseases, stomach diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc.Measures to avoid water pollution: To avoid water pollution, we should use the following types of measures which are as follows-

We have to keep the locality clean regularly, especially the drains should be cleaned daily, only then you can end the problem of water pollution. Pucca drains will have to be arranged for drainage. Set aside a fixed place for garbage and feces urine. You have to use the scientific method to purify the polluted water. Activities like washing, washing utensils, bathing cows and buffaloes, etc. near the river and pond, will have to be banned, only then you will be able to save the water from getting polluted.

Spray such chemical elements from time to time in the rivers and ponds so that the harmful substances included in the water can be destroyed. For how to reduce water pollution, you need to run an awareness campaign so that people can know how water pollution will be reduced, and if you do not do this, then give them information related to what will be the consequences for you. People should be given education related to the environment. The river ponds should be cleaned at regular intervals by the governments. The government should inform the common people about the harm caused by water pollution through advertisements.

Epilogue: Water is an invaluable asset of our earth and it is the duty of all of us to save it, if we keep on polluting the water like this, then there will be no drinking water left on the earth for 1 day. This can endanger our life, so we have to save water from getting polluted at the right time so that we can get clean and pure water to drink in the future.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is water pollution?
  2. When the dirt in the river, pond, and other types of water sources gets deposited inside the water. Due to this the natural nature of water becomes toxic, we call it water pollution.

  3. What are the types of water pollution?
  4. There are mainly 3 types of water pollution:- 1. Physical water pollution, 2. Chemical water pollution, 3. Biological water pollution.

  5. Due to water pollution?
  6. Industrial waste, improper activities in the agricultural sector, degradation of water quality of rivers flowing in the plains, social and religious customs, such as throwing dead bodies in the water, bathing, throwing garbage, and oil spills from ships.

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