10 lines on Rainbow in English for class 1 - Short essay on Rainbow in English

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10 lines on rainbow in english for class 1

10 lines on Rainbow in English - Few lines on Rainbow


  1. Rainbow appears before or after rain.
  2. There are two types of the rainbow, which are called primary rainbow and secondary rainbow.
  3. There are seven colors in the rainbow such as violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.
  4. Rainbow is derived from the English word "arcus pleurisy".
  5. According to scientists, factors like reflection, refraction, and dispersion are responsible for the formation of a rainbow.
  6. Such a rainbow is also seen, in which only red color is visible and which is called a monochrome rainbow.
  7. The seven colors seen in the rainbow have a belief in themselves which mainly represents any green vegetables, hope, sacrifice, sacrifice, prosperity, greenery, and energy.
  8. Rainbow is mainly located at the opposite end of the Sun.
  9. The world's longest rainbow was formed in England on 24 March 1994, which was about 6 hours.
  10. Of the different wavelengths formed in a rainbow, the shortest wavelength is violet and the longest wavelength is red.


  1. Rainbow is also seen as the victory of good over evil, this thing has also been described in many mythological texts.
  2. Rainbow is most visible in Hawaii of America and that is why it is also called "Rambo State".
  3. Earlier only 5 colors were recognized in the rainbow. But Isaac Newton added rainbow color and violet color in 1666, making the number of colors 7 in the rainbow.
  4. Sometimes such a situation arises that 2 rainbows are formed together and if this is the case it is called “Alexander Band”.
  5. If the rainbow is viewed through polarized glasses, the rainbow will not be visible because it can really only see one type of light.
  6. Rainbow is formed when white light passes through the raindrops, due to which the light splits into seven parts and you get to see a rainbow-like phenomenon.
  7. When it rains from one part of the sky and sunlight is visible in the other part, then only you will see a rainbow in the sky.
  8. It is such a belief by the people that if the engine is visible in the sky, then there will be no rain after that.
  9. Rainbow has no physical existence so cannot contact you.
  10. Rainbow is usually formed near waterfalls and fountains.


  1. Rainbows are also formed in the sky due to the light of the moon, which we call "Moonbow".
  2. Moonbows are much fainter in appearance than rainbows and are often considered white.
  3. For thousands of years, the rainbow has fascinated humans who are overwhelmed by its beauty.
  4. Rainbow is most likely to be visible at sunrise or sunset.
  5. Rainbow is formed by the sunlight falling on the floating water droplets immediately after the rain.
  6. Rainbow is more visible around waterfalls and the equator.
  7. When the sun is high, you will see the rainbow below and if the sun is low, you will see the rainbow upwards.
  8. If the sunlight is less, then you will be visible in the sky for a long time these days.
  9. Rainbow is also called Indra Devta according to the belief of Indian Hinduism.
  10. Isaac Newton was the first to say that there are 7 colors in the rainbow.

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. When does a rainbow form?
  2. Rainbows are formed on rainy days.

  3. How many colors are there in a rainbow?
  4. There are 7 colors in the rainbow.

  5. What are the colors in the rainbow?
  6. The seven colors of the rainbow are as follows - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

  7. What is a rainbow called in Hindi?
  8. The rainbow is called Indradhanush in Hindi.

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