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the happiest day of my life essay

The happiest day of my life essay par nibandh English mein

The happiest day of my life was the day I sang patriotic songs for the first time in my school's freedom struggle function. Through patriotic songs, I presented the feeling of my mind to the people. When people applauded, my morale got even higher and stronger. Date 15 August 2012, when a music competition was organized in my school to commemorate the freedom struggle.

In which I also participated I was very happy and excited about this competition. I had prepared very well for this and I was confident that I will give my best performance in this competition. In my school, the competition started at 8:00 am. All the students presented their presentations in the competition. After that, my number came. When I went on stage for the first time, there was restlessness and nervousness in my mind about whether I would be able to give my performance or not.

After this, I started singing songs after remembering my parents. When I was singing the song, at that time all my companions present there were seen swinging to the tune of the song. He was also encouraging me. Distinguished teachers of my school were also present behind me. I had given a rendition of the song to the people of my country. When my song ended, all my school classmates present in my school welcomed me with applause.

When I went among my friends, my friends said that you really sang a very good song. We all are proud of you. After listening to his talk, I felt that I have given a really good performance. I still remember that day so I am very happy that it was the happiest day of my life which is not possible for me to forget. I have written that day in my diary so that I can cherish their memories and keep them with me.

How we will make our life happy: If we want to make our life happy then whatever we have achieved in our life. In that, we should try to be satisfied only then we will be able to be happy in our life. Because happiness is directly related to our mind, when our mind is satisfied only then we will appear happy. The biggest advantage of being happy is that we will always work with a positive mindset and we will never allow negative energy to flow inside us. That's why we should always make our life happy, only then we will be able to be happy in our lives, a person who is happy is always successful in life.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is happiness?
  2. When a person gets his wish fulfilled, that experience is called happiness.

  3. Why are people happy or sad?
  4. People feel sad when the situation or work is not done according to their wishes, and on the contrary, when work or situation is created according to the wishes of the people, then people feel happy.

  5. On what does the happiness of the people depend?
  6. The happiness or sadness of the people depends on whether the work is done as per his wish or not.

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