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essay on Importance of hard work in english

Importance of hard work par nibandh English mein

Role: If we want to achieve success in life, then we have to work hard day and night, only then we will get success. Apart from this, we will not get all the work of life without hard work. If we want to eat food, then we have to cook food, if we want to be the topper in the exam, then we have to study hard day and night, only then we will get good marks on the exam.

That's why hard work has special importance in our life, without it, our life is meaningless and useless. That's why we should always work hard in life so that whatever goal we have set, we can fulfill it.

Importance of hard work: No work is impossible for a person who is not afraid of hard work. The hardworking person can find the source of water even in the desert. In history, we will find many such persons who have achieved success in life through their hard work. The biggest example of this is our country's brilliant and popular leader Narendra Modi Ji, who was born into a poor family but became the Prime Minister of the country with his hard work and tenacity.

So we should take inspiration from such people and we should not worry that we are poor and poverty is written in our destiny. Rather, we can change our destiny through hard work. Therefore, one should not be afraid to work hard, but should work continuously, only then we will be able to be successful in our life.

Benefits of Diligence: A person who works hard never falls ill nor is he a patient of any serious disease. Apart from this, his body remains fit and healthy. Apart from this, we will also be able to become mentally strong. A person who works hard gets both money and fame. Apart from this, lust and other vain feelings never arise in his mind.

A country whose citizens are hardworking, that country develops rapidly. If we want to fulfill the goal of our life then it will not be only by dreaming but we have to work hard. Only then will we be able to fulfill all the dreams of our life.

Epilogue: A hard-working person is honest, conscientious, and learned. Such persons are seen with respect in society and they are respected by all. Such persons are workmen, they always believe in karma. They get success in every moment of life. Therefore, if our dreams are also big, then we should start working hard from today itself, only then we will be able to fulfill our dreams and whatever we have thought in life, we will be able to move forward on that path.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. Who is working hard?
  2. To complete any work with hard work and dedication is called diligence.

  3. What are the benefits of hard work?
  4. A person who works hard gets both money and fame. A person who works hard continuously reaches the heights of success.

  5. What is Hard Work called in Hindi?
  6. Hard work is called Parishram ( परिश्रम ) in Hindi.

  7. What is necessary for success in life?
  8. People work hard and get success quickly.

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