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essay on my daily routine in english

My Daily Routine par nibandh English mein

Role: Whatever activity we do in our life from morning to evening, we call it routine. If we are a student then we must follow the daily routine then only then we will be able to achieve our goals. The main reason for this is that when we know in advance what work we have to do at what time, then we will always be ready for that work and will complete that work within the stipulated time period.

That's why daily routine has special importance in our life. And all the person should follow the daily routine. Only then will we be able to conduct our daily activities well otherwise it will not be possible to complete the daily activities.

Waking up early in the morning: I follow my daily routine very conscientiously. I wake up at 4:00 in the morning, then brush my teeth with a brush, then take a cold water bath and put on clothes, and worship the Lord in the temple at my home. After the end of the puja, I have breakfast.

After that, I go to my study room and start studying. I study regularly for 3 to 4 hours. After that, I take a short break and go out for a walk so that my mind can be fresh. After this, I go to my school wearing school dress at 10:00.

School Schedule: My class starts at 11:00 am, the first class is in Hindi and the last class is in Mathematics. There is a 30-minute meal break in our school. After which I eat lunch. After the lunch break is over, the class starts again and I go to my class.

I carefully read the syllabus taught by the teacher in my class and if I do not understand anything, I also ask the teacher.

My Hindi and English are very strong but I am weak in maths. That's why I am constantly trying in maths so that my maths can be strong. That's why I carefully write down the things that are taught by the maths teacher in the maths class in my copy and come home and practice them regularly. If I don't understand, I ask the math teacher in my tuition to answer those questions.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. What is routine?
  2. Routine is the pre-planning of doing any work.

  3. What is the importance of routine in our life?
  4. Routine is very important in our life, it motivates us to do any work on time which is helpful to make our life successful.

  5. What should be the daily routine for a student?
  6. If we are a student then we must follow the daily routine then only then we will be able to achieve our goals.

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