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one hour at railway station essay in english

One hour at railway station par nibandh English mein

A railway station is a public place and there is always a movement of people here. Last time I was going from Sealdah, Ballia to Chhapra on 10th October and my ticket was already reserved on the train. On reaching the station, it came to know that due to some technical problem, today the train will departure1 hour late.

There was a lot of movement of people on the platform. People were constantly coming on the platform with their families. Everyone seemed busy and upset as the train was late by 1 hour. Some people were drinking tea.

Little kids insistence to eat. Elderly people were reading the newspaper. Many people were resting there by laying sheets. There was a huge crowd of people on the platform and many people were coming fast on the platform. They think it is time to leave the train. At the same time, another train comes on the platform, people try to get into the vehicle running.

I go and sit on the platform made on the railway platform and there I take out my mobile and call home and I tell my father that today the train is 1 hour late. After this, I keep my phone in my pocket and go to the tea stall to have tea.

After this, it is announced by the railway that the train is coming on the platform, only then do I come running and get ready to board the train. The train comes to the platform and stops, after that, I start looking at my train's bogie number and then I go inside the train and sit on my seat.

In my train room, people were coming fast and searching for their seats. But there was a lot of noise coming from the second general compartment, people were fighting to sit. Small children were shouting and there were tea sellers and samosas carrying food items in it. Thus I spent one hour on the platform, and now my train has left the platform.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. Why are railway platforms overcrowded?
  2. There is more crowd on the railway platform because many people come from the same place to travel by their own train.

  3. Which is the largest railway platform in India?
  4. Gorakhpur (UP) is the largest railway platform in India.

  5. Which trains stop at the railway platform?
  6. Only passenger trains stop at the railway platform.

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