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essay on republic day in english

Republic Day par nibandh English mein

Role: The Constitution was implemented in India on 26 January 1950, due to which 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in India. And this day is also a national holiday. Apart from this, flag hoisting is done by the Prime Minister on this day. 26 January is a special day for all of us Indians and on this day we celebrate the Republic Day of India with great enthusiasm.

Cultural programs are organized in many places in the country on this day. Apart from this, speeches and poems are also spoken by the people on the occasion of Republic Day. On this day the whole country is immersed in the color of joy and every Indian becomes honest and responsible for the constitution of India by joining this historic day.

History of Republic Day: When India became independent, the Drafting Committee was established whose main task was to prepare the constitution for India. After which Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was made the President of the Constituent Assembly of India on June 4, 1947. And in his dance, the constitution was framed.

It took 2 years 11 months 9 days to make the Constitution of India. Then the Constitution of India was framed. Which was implemented in India on 26 January 1950. Since then 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in the country. Because the Republic was established in India on this day.

Significance of Republic Day: 26 January is a historic and proud day for every Indian. It was on this day that the government formed by the people was established in our country. That is why this day is celebrated with gaiety and pomp across the country. Flag hoisting is done in all the states of India on this day. Apart from this programs are organized in different states of India.

In which small children and elders participate enthusiastically. The country is also addressed by the Prime Minister and President of India. India was freed from the slavery of the British on 15 August 1947. But on 26 January 1950, India got complete independence. Because by this day every citizen in India got the right to express his opinion through the constitution.

Why celebrate Republic Day: As you know that on this day the Constitution was implemented in India. There is an interesting story behind this, in 1930 when the Lahore session of the Indian Congress Party was organized. In this, it was decided that if the British government does not give the status of autonomous government to India, then India will declare itself independent after that.

But the British government did not pay any attention to their demands. After this, the party activated its struggle for the independence of India very rapidly. When the country became independent in 1948, the leaders of India announced that the Constitution of India was implemented on 26 January only.

Some interesting facts related to Republic Day:

  1. India's first Independence Day was celebrated for the first time on 26 January 1930. The goal was set by the Congress party on this day that whenever the country becomes independent, the constitution will be implemented on this day.
  2. A Christian sound is played during the Republic Day parade, named "Abide with me", Mahatma Gandhi's favorite sound. A 31-gun salute is given to the President of India during the Indian Republic Day celebrations.
  3. Every year on 26 January this Republic Day event is celebrated in a grand manner at Rajpath in New Delhi.
  4. Many types of cultural and now traditional tableaux are presented by all the states on Republic Day and the state which presents the best tableau is rewarded by a central government.

Epilogue: Republic is a historical and national festival of India in which every citizen of the country participates and celebrates the Republic Day of the country with great enthusiasm. Apart from this, the republic is the basic soul of the constitution of our country because on this day the republic was established in India and the people also got the right to express their views. That's why we all should know about the Republic Day of India and its history and we should be honest and loyal to the Indian Republic.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions )

  1. Why is Republic Day celebrated in India?
  2. The Constitution was implemented in India on 26 January 1950, due to which 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day in India.

  3. What is Republic Day called in English?
  4. Republic Day is called Republic Day in English.

  5. When is Republic Day of India celebrated?
  6. Republic Day in India is celebrated on 26 January every year.

  7. By whom was the constitution of India written?
  8. Constitution of India Dr. B. R. was written by Ambedkar.

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