10 lines on Diya in English - Few lines on Diya

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10 lines on diya in english

Short essay on Diya in English

  1. Diya or lamp is a small port made of clay.
  2. Diyas are used to decorate homes on Diwali.
  3. Diyas are made in huge numbers before Diwali.
  4. Diyas are made by the people of the Kumhar caste, who not only manufacture diyas but also other pottery.
  5. Diya is lit by pouring oil or by adding ghee and dipping cotton in it.
  6. Most of the cotton is immersed in oil and a small part is outside the oil which is burnt.
  7. Cotton dipped in oil is called a wick. There is also a very popular TV serial on this named Diya and Baati.
  8. People of the potter caste put a lot of effort into making the lamp.
  9. To make a lamp, first of all, good quality wet clay is selected, after that, it is glued well and it is given the form of a lamp, then after that, it is cooked in the fire and kept well then it is sold in the markets. Goes and sells.
  10. People who make diyas are financially weak, so we must buy these diyas every Deepawali. We should minimize the use of Chinese lights, they also consume more electricity.

10 lines on diya in english

F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. What happens given?
  2. Diya is a small vessel made of clay.

  3. What is Oil Lamp called in Hindi?
  4. Oil Lamp is called Diya ( दिया ) in Hindi.

  5. What is the Diya made of?
  6. The Diya is made of clay.

  7. When are diyas used?
  8. Diya is mostly used on Diwali, on other days it is also used in the temples present at home.

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